What makes Ethereal Persians so special?  
It’s always easy to get lost and caught up in a dream of the perfect match …Scrolling endlessly through Instagram or Facebook, day after day, trying to find your soul mate – that looks perfect, gets you hopeful and excited, will snuggle you, play with you  and love you purely without judgement.
I might be sounding a bit cheeky, but isn’t that what we all dream of when entering into a relationship for ideally, the next 20 years or so?
If we are wanting to open our hearts, homes and wallets to supporting this perfect being, don’t we also want to know that they have come from a good solid foundation, that they had a perfect childhood with a loving family and good friends, that they were well taken care of; ate good food, have good health and know how to have endless fun, respect the rules and  boundaries and know how to use the bathroom.  Obviously I’m talking about cats.
 Ethereal Persian kittens are just as magical as they look and more.  What we see through their pictures is the pure love and care that Roxy and her family pour into each and every one of their babies, mommas (Queens) and poppas (Kings). 
Roxy is also just as caring and supportive to her future forever home families too.  From day 1, when I first reached out to Roxy, and all through the entire process, she was always amazing, communicative and supportive.  
We live in California and through the transportation process, Roxy made sure that we had a highly-rated and trusted “flight  nanny” and that all areas of communication and coordination were handled perfectly.  
 From the moment our kitten was hand delivered to us at LAX and in every moment since, our family has never been happier.  
Rosie (previously Tabitha) and her “Ethereal” disposition and her loving and playful personality is better than we could have even dreamed it to be.

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