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At Ethereal Persians Cattery we take a great deal of pride in our incredible doll face Persians and our breeding practices. Over the years we have placed our kittens in homes across the country and have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful cat lovers who we now consider part of the Ethereal family. Thank you to all who have made their home a loving forever home for our beloved kittens. Feel free to read the customer reviews provided below and to leave a review of your own.

Roxy and her husband are truly “parents” to these little angels!

Hi Roxy how have you been? I hope you and your family are doing good and I hope you continue to breed happy kittens as always!! Two days later, little “olivia” (‘laddoo’ for us) turns three!! She has grown into a beautiful gorgeous young woman! ☺️ I feel such a proud mommy when people compliment me for her, and trust me I get a llllooot of them!! (this morning being the most recent)

It seems like just yesterday that this little angel came into our lives?
and became the apple of our eyes from the word go! She knows that everybody just completely dotes on her and she takes full advantage of the fact!!

I cannot stop thinking about your contribution in making our lives complete, this family complete. Once again I want to thank you and your husband for trusting us, for believing that we will be able to give her what you hope to give each one of your kittens ….

Here are some then and now pictures for you!

thanks again Roxy
stay safe

Gunjan Ganediwal

Awesome Persians

Roxana’s Persians are wonderful! After losing our 18 yo Himmie, we found Roxana and her cattery. Before we knew it, Blitz and Boomer were ours. Her kittens are raised in a healthy, caring home and their personalities reflect this. And Roxana was right – get two! These babies are so intelligent and great companions. Thank you Roxy!

Christine Lonabaugh

Roxy mended my broken heart

It was luck that I came across Ethereal Persians online. I had just lost my beloved Valentino and was heart broken. Couldn’t find a Persian breeder of doll face Persians here on Long Island. I have family in Sarasota so by chance I googled Breeders there and low and behold I came to call Roxy. Within hours I sent in my application and felt her warm and sincere personality. It will be a year ago in March. She opened up her home to my mother and myself and I picked out the most loving kitten .
Buddy has made me whole again and I can’t thank her enough.

Julie Scharf

Such an amazing breeder! ♥️


What an amazing and hard working person! She makes sure her cats and kittens are very clean and treated well. I’ve bought Anubis now known as Princess and she is an angel. Such an amazing breeder! ♥️

Thank you, Roxanne!


Roxanne loves her pets and is a true professional. Lilly LOVES her kitten, Wally. He is a treasure! Thank you, Roxanne!

Ethereal is great!


Although we didn’t get Milo Jr. directly from Ethereal (we got him from a previous owner who did), Roxana has been amazing with communicating with me and she cares so much about where her kitties go. I love that we know where Milo came from and have been able to stay updated on his parents, Shaila and Milo. Many people are strict in their beliefs of adopting from shelters, but for those looking for a breeder of doll face persians, Ethereal is great!

Loving and caring breeder …


The most incredible, loving and caring breeder anyone could wish for. I found Roxy after my husband and I were conned by a very unscrupulous breeder in Riverview, FL, who sold us 2 very expensive and sick cats. When I spoke with Roxy I was crying, I was still broken hearted over losing the first 2 kittens.

Roxy allowed to visit and pick my 2 new kittens…. her cats are healthy and very well kept. Roxy’s kindness, her love and dedication to raising healthy happy kittens it’s unparalleled. I am blessed to have found her.

Very reputable breeder!


Roxana is a very reputable breeder. She screens her applicants very well and I’m happy to say that I’m on the list for a new kitten in the upcoming litter. I can hardly wait to see the little babies when they’re born. Just counting the days now.

She has the most amazing personality!


Our little Lacie is of course, beautiful, but she’s more than that. She has the most amazing personality. Sweet like none other. A lap kitty with me at night, watching Hallmark movies. Plays like there’s no tomorrow. Daring….takes a flying leap right at me, trusting I’ll catch her:) Incredibly smart, I taught her how to come when I call her. We are so Thankful for her. Thank-you for pouring your heart and soul into her. She’s 16 weeks now:)

Really loves her cats!


I am a breeder myself and often talk with her – Roxana is a breeder who really loves her cats and also understands how to medically care for them. They are well kept-truly loved and part of her family. A clean environment, lots of toys and she interacts with kittens and adults – so all are super friendly and affectionate. Roxana is a professional breeder I highly recommend for a healthy beautiful kitten.


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