persian cats

We drove 32 hours to bring Pluto home from Texas. This gorgeous blue golden boy is the first one to inhabit our cattery. He appears like a gray cat, at first, but upon closer inspection, he has a hue of golden throughout his coat and face. His longest hair strands, the guard hairs, are about 6 inches long. His coat is so full we have to shave his belly to keep him from matting and he must have a shower once every 2 months with deep conditioning to keep it flowing loosely. He provides the wow factor component to his kittens – the huge coat. Besides his regal appearance, we are head over heels with his temperament. He is an angel, a cuddle bug, a lap cat – for sure the friendliest cat in this cattery! I am not overexaggerating. He is an ideal blue golden persian!

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Persian cats and kittens

Titan is the most gorgeous, jaw dropping, superb specimen of a golden persian that we have ever seen. His eyes are a nice deep shade of green, his coat is super long and rich in a golden-brown shade with little black. We had the great fortune of producing him at the cattery; son of Windree and Treasure. He carries the colors silver, golden, and blue golden. Titan is an upcoming stud. We expect him to sire his first litter in 2021.

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