Owners of Ethereal Persians Cattery smile at each other while holding Persians. Roxy holds blue golden, Rufus, and Jason holds Golden, Titan. About Us

Our family is comprised of Jason – my husband, Julian – our son, Mishka – a large German Shephard, and plenty of kitties. Our house in not large but it is very homey. Jason and I started dating in 2010, began living together in 2012 and started our cattery in  2015.

Breeding is not a job and it is more than a career, it is a lifestyle.

EPC operates in our home within Sarasota, FL. It is not a 9-5 job. This challenges our work / life balance as it often feels like we cannot ever truly disengage. However, we elect to continue breeding persians because their presence is profoundly therapeutic to our souls. Here, cats grace us with their therapeutic presence and we return the favor by making sure they remain safe, happy, and healthy.


About Roxy

I received a bachelors in Biology from the University of South Florida. During my college years, I worked as a vet tech and dog sitter to help Jason with the financial needs of our home. I also dabbled in photography and became a paid photographer for a kennel, then began shooting family portraits and weddings. After graduation, I worked for several years as a vet tech, full time, in a major cooperate animal hospital. That experience helped to dramatically shape my beliefs about disease management and my protocols as a breeder. I presented treatment plans, aided in surgeries, performed dental cleanings, medicated and restrained more animals than I could count. I witnessed first hand the impact disease and misfortune had on families through their pets. In 2021, I willingly left the veterinary industry to focus full time on my cattery.


About Jason

Jason is a computer geek and great engineer. Before the cattery, he managed several hardware stores and was a mailman for the post office. In 2022, Jason left the post office to redirect his energy to the cattery. Jason is a great chef (our only cook), the handy man that keeps our utilities functional, the tech support that routinely updates our website and a skilled kitty handler/ photographer assistant. Jasons contribution is invaluable to our cattery.  In his free time, he enjoys strength and endurance training at the gym, as well as spending time with his son, Julian. Surprisingly, he prefers cats with a sassy and playful personality vs I, who prefer cats with a sedentary and laid back personality.


Why We Breed

Persians, with their long flowing coat, their iconic faces and affection seeking nature are our favorite breed of cat. Their docile purrsonality and small size make them absolutely adorable. Witnessing the happiness they bring to our families across the USA is pawsitively elating. Receiving updates as our kittens mature is very gratifying. We breed the sweetest felines to join families as cherished family members only. We hope that our kittens bring as much joy and happiness into your home as they do into ours.

Jason, Julian and Shadow. A man, a teenager and a spynx cat.Roxy hugging Farro, a golden persian cat, on a table infront of pink backdrop.