Purchaser Agrees to the Following Conditions of Sale1. I, the Purchaser guarantee that adequate indoor facilities will be provided and this Cat/Kitten will not be allowed to roam outdoors unsupervised or outside of his/her safe enclosure.

2. If this Cat/Kitten is found to be in ill health or kept in unsanitary conditions, purchaser will surrender cat to seller immediately and unconditionally.

3. I, the purchaser guarantee that under NO circumstances will this Cat/Kitten be sold, leased, or given away without sellers written permission. This Cat/Kitten will not be sold or given to any research facility, pound, pet shop or similar facility. Seller has first refusal.

4. This Cat/Kitten was purchased a pet, unless otherwise agreed to by seller and buyer, and written in contract.

5. If purchased as a pet, purchaser agrees to neuter/spay this Cat/Kitten by the age of 10 months, or if an adult within 10 days, and guarantees not to breed this cat. If seller does not receive proof or Spay/Neuter from Purchasers vet by this date, purchaser owes an additional $3000.00 per litter sired or breed. No breeding rights or CFA pin code will be given. Buyer is still required to spay/neuter the cat.

6. I, the purchaser agrees not to have this Cat/Kitten Declawed.

7. This kitten is warranted to be in good health to the best of the Breeders knowledge and is warranted against any hereditary diseases for up to one year.

8. The Cat/Kitten must be examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours (3 Days) of purchase or all health warranties are null and void.

9. All health warranties are null and void if the cat contracts any zoonotic or animal to animal transmittable diseases after the purchase date.

10. To claim that a kitten is afflicted by a life threatening hereditary disease, three veterinarians from different organizations must acknowledge the defect in writing. Seller reserves the right to have his/her veterinarian examine buyers kitten if such matter is presented. As compensation to buyer, a replacement will be offered as available. No other compensations will be given.

11. In the event of death in a kitten up to 1 year of age, and your veterinarian suspects this it is due to any disease, deformity, physical condition, illness or defect that is congenital, hereditary or likely to have been contracted on or before the sale and delivery of the kitten to purchaser, a necropsy is required and must be performed by a County of Manatee veterinarian, or similar or state facility, at purchaser’s expense, in order to determine cause of death. No other necropsies will be accepted. Failure to have necropsy performed will void all health warranties and NO replacement will be offered.

12. No refunds or exchanges.

13. Breeder makes no warranties as to show quality or future breeding potential if purchased as a breeder.

14. All health gaurantees are nule and void if any one of the aforementioned conditions are not met.

This Agreement shall be construed under and in accordance with the Laws of the State of Florida, and all obligations of the parties created here under are performable in the country which the seller lives at time of disputal. Any violation of the above is a breach of contract and purchaser will be liable for any and all damages incurred or any and all court expenses including attorney fees.