These Adults have been retired and found there forever homes.


Tok A Mak

Toka is a handsome adult golden male. He has the deepest most beautiful golden color tipped by dark black ends. This boy has large, green eyes that are very representative of the golden color division. He has proudly sired 4 litters: producing goldens, silvers, and blue goldens. His kittens have inherited his sweet temperament and gentle mannerism.

In July of 2019, we decided to neuter Toka. We are thankful for the time he shared with us and his eager attitude to sire babies! We are thrilled to place him in a home where he can have undivided attention. We know in our heart that he will undoubtedly spread a lot of joy and laughter to his new forever family.

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Look at those eyes! Snow is a beautiful white male Persian with exceptional deep blue eyes. Snow was born in 2017 and is a very pampered pet in our cattery. Like all of our Persians, Snow lives a pretty good life!

He is active, responsive, and always looking for lovely girls to fancy. He has produced some of the most beautiful white and silver kittens that we’ve ever seen. Snow has been retired and is living his golden years with a family in state as a pampered pet.

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Milo is beautiful! He is the first Persian we’ve ever owned and the reason we began breeding this majestic breed. Milo is a nose licker, sink sleeper, leg rubber, sunbather, storm watcher, intense cuddler, smart-alack, mischievous Persian King! We love him very much and he knows it!

As you can see, Milo is a pure white Persian. He has a doll-face and a disposition that is truly ethereal. He always seems at peace with his surroundings and has an innate trust in humans that extends to strangers. He is always the first cat to greet us when we arrive home and is always ready to climb onto our laps. This angel does not tear stain at all so no maintenance is required to keep that angelic face of his beautiful. In 2019, we retired Milo to live a life as a friend to our queens and a grandpa to our litters.

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Everything about him makes me crazy for him! Those eyes! That coat! That color! That look of innocence on his sweet face and the melodious voice that reverberates the strings of my heart! Galaxy is far more than just a beauty king though, his personality is to die for. He is extremely docile, easy-going, very affectionate, and all-around an endearing cat. He is a big, sturdy, 8 lb ball of soft cottony plush!

To keep him looking so pristine we clean his tear staining a few times a day and shower him once a month. The only time Galaxy complains is when we pull on his tender skin while brushing knots off or when we keep him away from our love or prevent him from fulfilling the call of nature between him and our queens.

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persian cats

We drove 32 hours to bring Pluto home from Texas. This gorgeous blue golden is the first BG boy to live in our cattery. His top coat has a sheen of dark blue and his undercoat is a mixture of light blue and golden. His longest hair strands, the guard hairs, are about 8 inches long. His coat is so full we have to shave his belly to keep him from matting and he must have a shower once a month with a degreaser and deep conditioning to keep it flowing loosely. Many of Pluto children inherit his extreme coat. In addition to his looks he has the sweetest personality imaginable! Pluto is a lap cat, 110%. He cries for attention and will stretch his body onto our pant leg while pawing. Pluto is a dream cat!

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Persian cats and kittens

Odin is a very needy, loud, and striking Persian cat. Heterochromia (odd eyes) is rarely seen in bi-color cats, making him exceptionally rare. He is the first odd-eyed, bi-color Persian in our program. We expect him to sire his first litter in 2023. We hope he passes down the genes for heterochromia as well as his sweet demeanor to his offsprings. We can barely wait!

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Stella Fe

It’s that cute pink tongue with the big bright copper eyes on that tiger stripped face that calls my attention. Then it’s her gentle nature and soft meows that melt my heart. Stela is the first and only golden tabby to live in this cattery. She is an affectionate companion to humans, a meticulously clean freak, and a passive friend to other kitties. Stela has graced us with one litter so far and we hope to have a second this year before retiring her.

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Shaila was the first female Persian to ever live in our home. She came to us as a wee 2-month-old kitten, back in 2016. She looked like a stuffed animal with long dense cottony hair pointing in every direction, hiding a little flat face that I could not stop gawking over! She had a very independent attitude from the start. She would allow us to pet her and pick her up but she would most enjoy interactive games we played with her.  She would die over a squeaky mouse on a string! We would delight in watching her play and frolic. Her color has always been uniform, rich in different tones of gray. She was and remains a confident, independent cat. She is content to be admired from afar but will just as easily lick your face if you come too close. In time she has produced the most amazing kittens ever, with dreamlike personalities. More so, every litter she has contains around 9 kittens, which is unheard of for this breed. Shaila truly is an astounding dream maker!

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Persian Queen

Daisy is the first calico we have ever owned. Her looks stunned me from the start so it was impossible to resist making her our queen. Learning her sweet, mellow personality was a huge bonus. She is a very confident ground-dwelling cat with a soft persistent purr. Her kittens are generally very big and have colors and patterns that are very unique. She can produce calicos, creams, bi-colors, silver and golden tabbies, and variations of tabby and white. Daisy is our “fun kitty” at the cattery because we never truly know what color kittens to expect from her and she is always capable of producing doll face or extreme faced kitties.

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Windree is our import kitty from Germany. Getting her here was a struggle but completely worth it! She is the first blue silver to own our hearts. She is a small cat, around 5 lbs, with a big coat. She has produced some of the largest healthiest kittens we’ve ever seen from such a small cat. Windree is very shy with strangers but sweet to us.

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persian kittensSAPHIRE

Saphire is our first blue eyed white queen in our cattery. She is incessant about being given attention and loves to be spoken to. Saphire has very deep blue eyes and a thick dense coat. Her mother is a pure golden, Esper, and her daddy a pure white, Snow. Saphire tends to have adorable white, silver tabby, or golden tabby kittens.

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persian kittensCELESTE

Celeste is a loving and vocal shaded silver doll face persian. She is daughter of Windree and Galaxy. Celeste is capable of producing silver and golden kittens with a huge coat and nice lip and nose liner. She is also capable of producing kittens with green or aqua eyes, which is a huge reason why we decided to hold her back for breeding. We adore Celeste very much and are excited to see the kittens she produces!

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Beatriz, Bee for short, is our golden import from Germany. She is a very creamy golden with olive green eyes and a short doll face. Beatriz is the second golden female to own our hearts. She loves to make muffins, purrs loudly and drips large drops of drool when made excessively happy! Her coat is standard thus easy to maintain soft and silky. She carries the colors golden, blue golden and silver. Bee is the most devoted and gentle mother with her kittens and she helps cooperant other queens babies. I’ve noticed her kittens always inherit her extremely sweet and needy personality. She is currently the grandmother to several breeders in our cattery. We are honored to have our beautiful Bee!

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Esper is a breathtaking persian cat! I am often mesmerized by her huge green eyes and her apricot golden color underneath a saddle of black tipping. Esper is gorgeous and she knows it! Her favorite game is Chase. She runs up to us in a happy rage and instigates us to pet her at which point she runs off, always making sure to stop to let us catch up. When we finally catch her she purrs deeply and makes biscuits. In her mature age she has significantly stopped running from us. She loves chin rubs and will rub her body on my hand if I let it drape off the side of the couch. Esper is a loving pet and a magnificent mother. She cleans her kittens frequently and makes sure they are well nursed. Her kittens tend to develop magnificent coats and a general sweet disposition. Esper has been a wonderful addition to our cattery.

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Nala is a golden shaded doll face persian. I think of her as the cat version of a meerkat because of her tan-golden color. She has a long muzzle, an extreme coat and doesn’t tear. In terms of personality, she is very well spoken and has catitude. My favorite personality trait of hers is that she doesn’t believe in giving us personal space. She jumps on the couch for one specific purpose – to stand 3 inches away from our face and paw our lap while ferociously purring. Nala is a lion! Her cubs don’t have as much catitude but they did inherit her need to be obsessively and happily in our face!

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Diamond is a chinchilla silver extreme faced persian kitten. She is cobby and has a full coat. She explores every nook and cranny around her. She is a very confident and social kitten – always by our feet. Diamond will become a mom sometimes mid 2022.

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Tulip is a very striking, red-patched tabby and white Persian; I call her my tabico beauty. Tulip has an extreme face, copper eyes and a standard coat. The happier Tulip becomes the more she tongue tips! This big momma is rapidly excitable and can be very feisty in a very unusual way. When excited, she growls, purrs and hisses in rapid sequence, all while seemingly attacking us. If we stop petting her she appears to get upset and will subsequently headbutt us with force and begins gnawing at our hands and feet.

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