Owners of Ethereal Persians Cattery smile at each other while holding Persians. Roxy holds blue golden, Rufus, and Jason holds Golden, Titan. About Us

Our family is comprised of my hubby – Jason, our son – Julian, our german shepherd – Mishka, and plenty of beloved kitties. Our house in not large but it is very homey.  In 2010, Jason and I began a romantic relationship. In 2012, we began living together. In 2015, we began breeding persian cats.

Breeding is not a job and it is more than a career, it is a lifestyle.

EPC operates in our home within Sarasota, FL. It is not a 9-5 job; it is an all day, every day choice. We elect to continue breeding persian cats because their presence is profoundly therapeutic to our souls and the feedback we receive from our kitty owners is very encouraging. Here, cats grace us with their therapeutic presence and we return the favor by making sure they remain safe, happy, and healthy.

About Roxy

Roxy received a bachelors in Biology from the University of South Florida. During her college years, she worked as a vet tech and dog sitter.  Photography become a serious hobby in her early 20’s, at which time she became the photographer for a kennel. She later started photographing families and weddings. After graduation, she became a full time veterinary technician at a major cooperate animal hospital. That experience helped her dramatically shape her beliefs about disease management and allowed her to witness first hand the grave impact disease has on pets and pet owners. As a vet tech, she learned how to presented treatment plans to owners, aid in surgeries, perform dental cleanings, medicate and effectively handle dogs and cats. In 2021, Roxy willingly left the veterinary industry to focus full time on her Ethereal Persians LLC.

About Jason

Jason is an extremely supportive husband and loving kitty dad. Before his contribution to the cattery, he was a regional manager of several hardware stores, then he became a mail carrier for the city of Sarasota. In 2022, Jason left the post office to focus full time on the cattery. He now works behind the scene in the cattery, mostly as an impressive kitty handler. Jason helps capture stunning photos and is skilled at grooming. He feeds the cats and makes sure they remain happy. He routinely updates this website and intends to become a videographer for the cattery. Jasons contribution to the cattery is invaluable.  In his free time, he enjoys strength and endurance training at the gym, as well as spending time with his son, Julian.

Fun fact: Jason prefers cats with a sassy and playful personality while Roxy prefers cats with an aloof and laid back personality.

Why We Breed

Persians, with their long flowing coat, their iconic faces and affection seeking nature are our favorite breed of cat. In particular, silver, golden and blue golden persian cats have captivated our hearts. Witnessing the happiness they bring to our EP families across the USA is elating. Our hope is that our kittens bring as much joy and happiness into your home as they bring into ours.

Jason Roxy Julian with pesian cats truffles tomato and shadowJason, Julian and Shadow. A man, a teenager and a spynx cat.Roxy hugging Farro, a golden persian cat, on a table infront of pink backdrop.