Ethereal Persians is a small cattery that operates in the home of Roxana Perez, in the beautiful city of Sarasota, FL. It is a place where cats are free to roam inside the house, and outside within the safety of their enclosure. Here, cats grace us with their therapeutic presence. We return the favor by making sure they remain safe, happy, and healthy.

My family is comprised of my husband, cats (some rescues), dogs, chickens, and our son. Our house in not large but it is very homey and has a decent size yard. The yard is equipped with security fences and a pet safe system that contains our pets. We believe all animals should experience fresh air, natural sunlight, and be stimulated by nature’s creatures and its marvels as long as they are safely and comfortably enclosed.



Persians, with their long flowing hair, their sweet doll face expression, and their super affection seeking nature are our favorite breed of cat. We specialize in the Doll Face Persian because we feel they are a healthier embodiment of what the traditional persian used to look like in the 60s; as opposed to the peke persians the current standard encourages. We plan to continue breeding for many decades so caring about client feedback and the health of our cats is greatly important to us. We breed because we feel we can make a difference in the preservation of doll faces, their acceptance into the CFA, and the lives of the hundreds of families we touch through our cats.