I’ve have had my sweet little girl, Tiger Lily (milk name: Button) for a little less than a month and I cannot be more in love. Furthermore I cannot be more grateful for finding Roxy at such a hard time in my life.
In October of 2020 (what a year, right?) my family lost our Maine Coon in a freak accident. We were BEYOND heartbroken. Her absence, both physical and cosmic, was taking a toll on us.
Initially, I looked in our local shelters, but we were either too late to visit with a cat we liked or the cat wasn’t a fit for our family – not an unusual encounter when looking to adopt, but my heart couldn’t take the rejection anymore. This led me to do some research on the Persian breed as I was looking for a notably docile, sweet, yet playful breed. Enter: Ethereal Persians.
I was hesitant to reach out for a few reasons. Mostly the guilt of not adopting, secondarily I wanted to make sure I didn’t come across an irresponsible breeder. All of my fears dissipated when I spoke with Roxy. I was sure (for some reason) there were no available kittens, but to my wonderful surprise there was a litter available and from the initial contact and screening Roxy was as thorough as possible! I appreciate that I was screened as a potential owner prior to anything else. I was asked whether I would declaw (never), how I planned to feed, my experience with cats in general, and a few more screening questions that made me feel great about how this cattery is run.
After that, I was able to contact Roxy with any questions, concerns, tips/advice in preparation all before I even picked out my baby! Roxy could have easily brushed me off, like a few other breeders did, but she’s been nothing but supportive before, during and after this entire process.
A vet tech with a genuine love and vast knowledge for her animals, Roxy’s entire house is dedicated to providing a clean, safe, healthy, and loving environment for all of her cats and family. It’s such a cool setup, they have the complete run of the house and even with quite a few cats/kittens it was spotless! I am blown away at Roxy’s fierce dedication and her love for the breed is abundantly apparent.
Our kitten came with all of her paperwork, microchipped + registration, fully vetted, a month’s supply of raw food (thank you so much for that!) some pine litter, some emergency eye medicine (just in case), and the opportunity to stay in touch with Roxy should I ever have any questions. That kind of access is invaluable to me!
Our little girl, Tiger Lily, is healthy, sweet, playful, social, confident and an absolute cosmic blessing. I have no doubt that Roxy and Ethereal Persians was meant for our family and I look forward to maintaining a relationship and fostering a friendship in the years to come as Tiger Lily grows and we plan to expand our little animal pack.
Thank you a million times over, Roxy. From the bottom of my heart.

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