We Are Realistic

We know the health of your pet is extremely important. For that reason, we guarantee the health of all our Persian Cats. We do so by taking accountability if your ethereal persian succumbs to any life-threatening congenital defect, as described in our Terms of Sale. We would like all of our persians to never express a disease but that is not realistic when breeding living creatures; someone will inevitably be diagnosed with some rare genetic defect. In our cattery, about 2-3% of kittens will succumb to a rare and often times unforeseen medical challenge.

We Keep You Fully Informed

If your kitten of choice is afflicted by a serious health concern while in our care you will be informed immediately. If they were born with an aesthetic imperfection you will be notified before purchase. If they develop an aesthetic imperfection while in our care you will be notified immediately and be offered the chance to transfer your deposit to another kitten or be refunded.

We want you to feel confident when investing in your new family member.

We Conduct Rigorous Health Screening

To decrease the likelihood of heartbreak for your family we only breed parents who pass our rigorous health screening. Our kings and queens are tested for polycystic kidney disease, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLV).  Pleaes read our Breeding Guidelines for more information.

Our Persians Are:

Arm reaching and holding golden persian kitten in palm.