Don’t let distance be a deterrent! Ask us about our reliable pet nanny service today and receive a quote for air travel. We have 2 trusted pet nannies on standby at all times, eager to bring your fur baby to you. Let us worry about distance and safety. Your only concern should be arriving at your nearest international airport in time to pick up your new family member.

Alternatively, you are welcome to arrange shipping via your own means. Our kittens most commonly fly out of Tampa International Airport or Orlando International Airport. Let us know your preference and we will work with you!

Note: The average cost of shipping is between $450 – $550. Our pet nannies fly to International Airports only. Every kitten flies in cabin. This means that the kitten is carried on board as a passenger and is attended to by the pet nanny at all times. Kittens are never shipped in cargo. Air travel is our preferred method of transportation (over land travel) because it is the quickest and least stressful method for transporting kittens between states.

Let us bring love to your lap!