Persian Cats and Kittens

Truffles is a gorgeous calico with a very long silky coat. She has medium-sized round copper eyes spread wide apart on a flat face that is engulfed by a captivating black mask. She is a 6 lb furry ball of spit fire. She has a million tones of voice and will happily talk your ear off. Truffles is our forever cat. My hubby and I each are allowed to select one cat each to keep as a pet after spay; she is his. He uses treats to teach her tricks like sit, beg, and how to run the obstacle course on our wall. Besides beautiful and captivating Truffles has very adorable and fluffy kittens with exceptional personalities. No two kittens of truffles every look the same in a litter. They are all exceptional persians.
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  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Calico
  • D.O.B.: August 5, 2019