Persian cats and kittens
Mr. Meowgi

Mr. Meowgi is a beautiful shaded silver Persian who is expected to develop intense aqua or turquoise eye color. We purchased him as a breeder from a friend out of state but have decided to place him as a pet instead. Mr. Meowgi is special in so many ways! He acts like a puppy dog and is always ready for affection. He has the most gorgeous coat i’ve seen in any persian – super long and dense coat! He has a muscular tail mutation that allows him to drape his tail flat over his back. It is absolutely the cutest mutation I have ever seen! Mr. Meowgi is a stunning little kitten that will turn heads.

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Shaded Silver
  • D.O.B.: July 10, 2020