Milo is beautiful! He is the first Persian we’ve ever owned and the reason we began breeding this majestic breed. Milo is a nose licker, sink sleeper, leg rubber, sun bather, storm watcher, intense cuddler, smart aleck, mischievous Persian King! We love him very much and he knows it!

As you can see, Milo is a pure white Persian. He has a doll-face and a disposition that is truly ethereal. He always seems at peace with his surroundings and has an innate trust in humans that extends to strangers. He is always the first cat to greet us when we arrive home and is always ready to climb onto our laps. This angel does not tear stain at all so no maintenance is required to keep that angelic face of his beautiful. In 2019, we retired Milo to live a life as a friend to our queens and a grandpa to our litters.

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: White
  • D.O.B.: 08-06-2015
  • Type:  Doll-face