Esper is a breathtaking persian cat! I am often mesmerized by her huge green eyes and her apricot golden color underneath a saddle of black tipping. Esper is gorgeous and she knows it! Her favorite game is Chase. She runs up to us in a happy rage and instigates us to pet her at which point she runs off, always making sure to stop to let us catch up. When we finally catch her she purrs deeply and makes biscuits. In her mature age she has significantly stopped running from us. She loves chin rubs and will rub her body on my hand if I let it drape off the side of the couch. Esper is a loving pet and a magnificent mother. She cleans her kittens frequently and makes sure they are well nursed. Her kittens tend to develop magnificent coats and a general sweet disposition. Esper has been a wonderful addition to our cattery.

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Shaded Golden
  • D.O.B.: May 25, 2018