Persian cats and kittens

Diamond is a chinchilla silver persian with an extreme face and neon green eyes. She is currently sporting a lion cut, as her huge coat matted on us. Diamond is mostly white with black tipping on the back of her coat, black paw pads and black eye liner.
This baby cakes is a typical girl – very sweet on her terms and sassy when she disagrees. For the most part she tolerates all well, even new people (although she is cautious). What she tolerates least is being blown after a bath. She sleeps in the cat drying box after baths, which gets her about 90% dry. Then we use a hand blower to finish drying her. We’ve been fully grooming her every two weeks to build her tolerance and we’ve seen good improvement. Thankfully she loves being brushed. 😄
Diamond loves to sleep on the bed and will make air biscuits while purring when content. She gets along well with most kitties and currently enjoys the company of a small Pomeranian mix pup.
Diamond would be best suited for a home with another pet as a companion but will just as easily acclimate to being an only pet.
Diamond had one litter of 3 before her spay. We are keeping a baby from her so it is now time for her to enjoy the pampered life of a retired adult. If you are interested in Diamond please reach out and we will contact you asap.

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Chinchilla Silver
  • D.O.B.: May 31, 2021