Beatriz, Bee for short, is our golden import from Germany. She is a very creamy golden with olive green eyes and a short doll face. Beatriz is the second golden female to own our hearts. She loves to make muffins, purrs loudly and drips large drops of drool when made excessively happy! Her coat is standard thus easy to maintain soft and silky. She carries the colors golden, blue golden and silver. Bee is the most devoted and gentle mother with her kittens and she helps cooperant other queens babies. I’ve noticed her kittens always inherit her extremely sweet and needy personality. She is currently the grandmother to several breeders in our cattery. We are honored to have our beautiful Bee!

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Shaded Golden
  • D.O.B.: April 5, 2018