Persian cats and kittens

Willow is a gorgeous tortie Persian with an extreme face, deep orange eyes, and a huge thick coat. She has a cobby body with small ears and thick legs. Her eyes are blood orange like the rays of a hot blazing sun. Willow loves to greet us at the door and is amongst the first to come up to strangers. She is not shy and will readily tell us how she feels. Willow is an extraordinary mother, often to large litters of 6. Her kittens tend to be very cobby with full, dense coats and laid back personalities. Willow is extremely special to us. We adore this large 10 lb kitty with all our hearts!

  • AVAILABLE – $1500
  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Tortie
  • D.O.B.: Oct. 14, 2019