— A Zeisty Purrito —
Tulip is a very striking, red-patched tabby and white Persian; I call her my tabico beauty. Tulip has an extreme face, copper eyes and a standard coat. The happier Tulip becomes the more she tongue tips! This big momma is rapidly excitable and can be very feisty in a very unusual manner. When excited, she growls, hisses and purrs in rapid sequence while charging at us. She headbutts with force and gnaws at our fingers and toes. She loves to play rough with us. She certainly has the quirkiest personality in our cattery. As a mother, she is exemplary. She is very dedicated to all her kittens; often including that of other queens. Tulip produces an assortment of rainbow kittens, each with different colors, face types and personalities. The only thing consistent about her kittens are their predisposition to become very loving and confident individuals. We feel extremely fortunate to share our home with this amazing momma and her babies.
Note: For those of you wondering, the irregular color and fogginess in her right eye is tissue left over from an eye ulcer. The fogginess will always be there.

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Red Patched Tabby & White
  • D.O.B.: April 1, 2020