Tootsie is a gorgeous blue golden queen with an extreme face. She eyes are medium and expected to be neon green at full maturity; 3 years of age. Her nose holes are open and her face is low maintenance. Tootsie’s blue-golden color appears more blue than golden. Her favorite pastime is sleeping on the couch on her back, completely exposed. This kitty is extremely trusting. She rarely flinches at the sound of loud noises! We have several nicknames for Tootsie – Tootsie Pop; Tootsie Roll; Toots. She knows her name well and often runs to us like a puppy when called. Tootsie is a dream come true! There was no doubt when she was born at our cattery that she would be staying to create more mini Tootsies!

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Blue Golden
  • D.O.B.: May 27, 2022