Persian cats and kittens

Shiver is my most beloved golden persian. She has the most tolerant and affectionate personality of all my cats. She speaks with a low tone of voice, headbutts frequently to show affection and allows me to handle her without complaint. Besides personality, she is beautiful. Shiver has an extreme face and blue-green eye color. Her coat is silky and very long. Her tail looks magical when she is in full coat – super thick with very long strands. Shiver is the quietest cat I have ever owned. While she doesn’t talk often she purrs loud and on contact. I find this sweet momma particularly endearing when she headbutts my legs searching for affection or when she calls for her kittens using cooing noises. I am head over heels for her!

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Golden
  • D.O.B.: December 23, 2020