MarshMellow is a lightly shaded, silver exotic longhair. I purchased him from a cattery in Istanbul Turkey to add genetic diversity to our Persian program. This beautiful boy has striking deep green eyes that shimmer vibrantly in the sunlight. He has jet black mascara which pleasantly outlines his beautiful large nose and contrasts his light silver coat. I love that MarshMellow minimally tears. He loves to zoom through the catio and battles Rufus for the statues of alpha cat. MarshMellow is a passionate lover to our females and a devoted candidate for our affection. He will chit chat about anything and everything; loudly and reliably. He is not fond of being groomed but he forgives us quickly. MarshMellow is a gallant cat and he knows it. Despite his strong personality towards the other males we absolutely adore him and the incredibly healthy and affectionate kittens he produces.

  • Breed: Exotic Longhair
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Silver
  • D.O.B.: May 5, 2022