persian cats

Lumi is a gorgeous silver shaded persian kitten with amazing deep green eyes, almost turquoise, and a very short doll face. He is currently growing his coat from a lion cut; given by his breeder before arriving at our cattery. We purchased Lumi from another cattery with the intent to breed him due to his amazing eye color. However, we have changed our mind to favor a more extreme, chinchilla silver.
Nonetheless, Lumi remains a gem! One of his most desirable characteristics is his eternally happy puppy-like purrsonality. Lumi is a super sweet, brave and very needy. He does not like keeping to himself. He is so excitable that he nearly wags his tail like a puppy when spoken to! He runs to greet us at the door. He will span the length of the couch as we walk by begging for pets. He is a very dedicated bed cat; he will sleep with us all night, groom our heads, and give many passionate head butts.
Lumi is truly an extraordinary kitten. He would be best suited for a home with other pets, including dogs. Nonetheless, that is not a must. We just require that he receive the attention he desperately craves. If you are interested in this little beauty please fill out a kitten app form. I’m excited to hear from you! Happy browsing!
Note: Lumi will be neutered before leaving us. We expect him to be around 10 lbs full grown.

  • Breed: Persian
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Silver
  • D.O.B.: Feb. 16, 2022