DOB: 4/28/2022

RESERVED – Male | Blue Golden | $2000 Reserve Yours Now

Naan is a very outgoing, vocal and absolutely charming persian kitten. He always wants to be in my face. He does not like being left behind. He will zoom into rooms as I open doors. He jumps on the couch for pets as we walk by. He will have full conversations with anyone willing to lend him an ear and a pet. Naan will stay in my arms for extended cuddles; although I wouldn’t consider him a true lap cat. He has a lot of energy and is very curious and fearless. He has no space boundaries. Naan has an exceptional loving and outgoing personality.

In terms of looks, Naan has the most beautiful light creamy blue-golden color I have ever produced; besides that of his mother. His coat is long and dense. His face is flat. His eyes will be vibrant neon green as a mature adult. His bite is a bit wry – teeth don’t align perfectly – thus the slight asymmetrical look to his face. His bite has not presented any issues, nor do I expect it to. He looks like a silly boy and acts like a silly boy.

Naan gets along very well with other pets. He plays with every kitty – older and younger. He is not overly rough. He vehemently demands attention! He would do well in a home with other pets as companions or an owner who devotes a lot of time and attention to his antics. If you are interested in this beautiful, silly boy please fill out a kitten app form and we will contact you asap.