DOB: 4/11/2022

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Chardonnay is a brown tabby persian kitten with a beautiful short doll face. She is currently sporting a transitionary short teenage coat. Her guard hairs are super long which is an indication her mature adult coat will be very long, dense and full. For comparison, you may visits Nalas album on our retired adults page. Chardonnays most striking feature may easily be her large, round blood orange eyes. By 2 years of age they should shine like the rays of a very warm and bright orange sun; like her mothers eyes, Willow. Chardonnay’s facial features are accented by her black nose, lip, and eye liner. Her coat is tipped in black shading. Her belly is a light tan color. She has a very rustic regal tabby color.

Chardonnay is a super loving and active kitty. She runs to greet us at the door, tosses her toys in the air while cooing at them, and zooms through the house at very high speeds! She makes us whole heartedly and deeply laugh every day! When Chardonnay is lonely she seeks attention by pawing and vocalizing. She will make muffins when spoken to and talks back with a million different tones of voice. She can be a very loud and passionate, especially when she disagrees. She is not a fan of baths or blowing but she tolerates them well; without biting or hissing. Her eyes tear minimally so she is a breeze to keep clean and beautiful.

This sweet girl would be best fitted for a home with dogs as a playmate. She loves to wrestle with other kitties but often times sounds loud and wild. She wants to be the center of attention and has personality plus to get there! We adore this sweet, vocal and striking girl. If you think this baby may be the right fit for you please submit a kitten application. She is available to go now.