DOB: 5/17/2022

PENDING – Female | Blue Golden | $6000 Reserve Yours Now

BrookLynn is a lap cat. That is her most admirable feature. She will crawl into our laps and demand a spot, attention, and head butts. Within 5 minutes she will be drooling with joy and making many muffins! BrookLynn loves to follow us around the house like a puppy dog and will try to go into every room with us. She sleeps between us on the bed and likes to share many sandpaper kisses. Amazingly, BrookLynn is an angel during her grooming sessions. She has been bathed frequently since she was a kitten – every 2 to 4 weeks – and has no fear of the water or blower. She does not struggle to escape during the bath, will sleep in the cat blowing machine, and sits patiently while I hand blow her thighs and belly.

Beyond having an amazing personality, BrookLynn is a very attractive girl. She is a shaded blue golden with a very blue hue to her coat. She has full nose, lip, and eye liner. Her coat feels like a plush cotton cloud. Her eyes will be a beautiful deep green at full maturity, 3 years of age. She has a cobby built; not slender. I expect her to grow to about 8 lbs.

We were planning to hold back BrookLynn as a breeder. However, we have changed our minds. We have a limit to how many breeders we can appropriately care for and BrookLynn was supposed to be our last until we retired an older girl. Well, we found a nice mate for Odin – our black and white boy, so we decided to retire BrookLynn. The only con to BrookLynn is that she moderately tears. She has an extreme face and requires eye maintenance. We clean her once in the morning, pack her furr with Wink Eye Powder and she remains gorgeous the entire day. Despite her typical maintenance as a Persian cat, BrookLynn is worth her weight in gold!

If you’d like to add this girl to your family please submit a kitten application for consideration. Purrs!