DOB: 7/31/2022

AVAILABLE – Female | Red Patched Tabby and White | Doll Face | $2500 Reserve Yours Now

StrawBerry is a very beautiful, unique girl. She is a red patched tabby & white Persian kitten with a traditionally doll face. This baby cakes is a total angel, partly due to the extra attention she received as a very young kitten. You see, as a wee month old she struggled to wean. She became malnourished which resulted in fever coat. If you are not familiar with fever coat, it is a condition detected by looking at their coat – skimpy and sparse. It is caused by a challenged immune system. A kitten every few litters tends to develop it in my cattery. This condition is a phase, not permanent. In time, and as their immune system matures they regain vigor and a full coat. I expect Strawberry to have a normal full persian coat, dense and long, by a year of age. However, due to her current appearance I have discounted her price.
StrawBerry is and always will be a beautiful soul. She is extremely sweet natured; not sassy at all. She plays very nice with all the other kittens and despite not being a fan of grooming, baths and blowings, she tolerates them very well. She loves to be brushed, spoken to, and will even cuddle with me for extended periods of time. StrawBerry is a little bit of an underdog. She will rise. Will she do so in your family? <3