DOB: 02/23/2023

AVAILABLE – Female | Silver Tabby | Extreme Face | $3500 Reserve Yours Now

Socks is a small, cobby kitten with the built of a bulldog. Socks runs with her tail straight up in the air and makes intense eye contact when speaking to us. She is a very relaxed kitty. She is attentive to movement and enjoys being underfoot. This baby enjoys a lot of attention and will purr when held so long as her feet are well supported. Socks is very tolerant of hugs, eye cleanings and groomings which is excellent because she has a thick cotton coat which requires daily brushing. Socks can be a bundle of energy when in play mode. She is very amusing to watch frolic and a delight to have converse with. I believe Socks is a very intelligent, loving princess. 🥰